Autopour of temperature contolled liquids at point of sale

The Big Bottle System is an alcohol dispenser that consistently and accurately can autopour any liquid from Red and Chilled White wine to Vodka and Juices at the point of sale.

The Autopour function enables an automatic measured pour into a preset glass volume. This function can be calibrated for up to three different pour sizes. For example an exact 150ml pour for wine, a 25ml chilled shot for Vodka or a 250ml chilled juice.

Developed to meet the legislative needs in the strict Australian market for Responsible Service of Alcohol demands, the worldwide applications for this technology to cease the wastage associated with free pouring and theft is enormous.

Successfully integrated into the operations of the largest hotel chain in the southern hemisphere this technology has saved this organisation hundreds of thousands of dollars in wastage and overpouring as well as creating a market place point of difference with the big bottle prominence in bars across Australia.

Compared with other so-called Autopour systems this technology does not rely on flow meters or pulses and is easy to calibrate. Operators find the machine easy to use, Clients find the Big Bottle intriguing thus creating brand awareness and managers and owners are reaping the cost saving benefits.

The patent rights are for sale. The applications for the technology are wide reaching and the possibility for a first to market advantage are real.

US 12,442,587   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

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