Sudoku Solving Slate Apparatus and App

This puzzle is available as an App i-Phones of Apple, Android, Blackberry and i-Pads of Apple. The Search words are "Clean Slate for Sudoku".

This by far gives one the best slate for solving a Sudoku puzzle of any level. One can start solving, and always go back to correct errors without ever getting frustrated enough by not knowing where the error is and hence give up.

The patent has both a hardware model as well as a software App. The software App is presently available on most platforms , reachable by search words - Clean Slate for Sudoku.

The author has drawings for a solid plaque type puzzle board which will make a very good gift item for ANYONE (4 years to 90 years). The electronic one is conducive to a family TV program, whose ideas are available with the author. No paper or eraser are ever required. The slate, be it a plaque or electronic screen, can be reused repeatedly.

Here is a description of the patent:

Please note that most of the explanations apply to both the plaque and app versions. The individual at first is presented with all the 9 possible answers in all 81 squares. Hence the CLEAN SLATE at start shows all the 9x9x9= 729 digits. The individual will be given the starting puzzle numbers and then SETS UP THE PUZZLE in a very short time (1 to 2 min). For the electronic version a puzzle may be invoked with the touch of a button. Note that the full set up of the puzzle is not needed for start of solving. SOLVING INVOLVES ELIMINATING DIGITS IN SQUARES THAT CAN NOT BELONG BY LOGIC.

If the individual knows a solution to be true at a square without any logic, then the individual can jump to the answer there.

For the plaque version, turning a digit 180 deg on its pivot and make it go to rear and so disappear is the one way. Reversing the turn brings it back as an error correction. A solved square means the individual can snap the large digit and mask all the 9 digits of that square.

For the app, touch a digit and the digit dis appears. For error correction, retouch and get the digit back.
A systematic elimination will result in removing 8 digits (only) in each one of the 81 squares and the puzzle is fully solved.

US 8,132,814 issued 2012-03-13   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$850,000

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