Power generation by harnessing high altitude wind

About 9 years ago I learned that the wind at high altitude (Airborne Wind) is more continuous and much more stronger than near-ground wind. Since then, I focused my efforts to find a way to generate electric power by harnessing this wind, until I was able finally to develop this method which achieve this aim practically and economically. I think that this technique may be as a revolution in power generation by the alternative energy due to the unique characteristics which distinguish this method, such as:

1. Relatively low cost, for comparing: I believe that the quantity of raw materials which is required to manufacture a module of my method (I think that carbon fibers is the perfect main material for that) which could generate a defined power, not exceed 10 % the quantity of raw materials which is required to manufacture a module of a conventional windmill which could generate the same defined power.

2.No need for any specific geographic location to use this system, therefore can be used easily, anywhere and worldwide.

3.Easy to set up and to set down

I have performed a laboratory experiment by a small scale prototype to simulate this concept. A video recording of this experiment can be seen at the link :

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SY 2,010,000,009 issued 2012-01-12   [MORE INFO]

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