Powder bomb/ powder sprayer - Fire retardant chemical powder devices for Fire Services

The powder bomb is a sack/pack full of fire retardant chemical powder, with an explosive style charge inside / attached. when thrown into burning ( hard to get ) area i.e building it will explode like a bomb spreading powder everywhere to put a fire out / tackles fires causes etc.

The powder sprayer is a compact hoover / vacuum style type of device that has a sack of F.R powder in its center.Once activated It throws powder out of a rotating cylinder sprinkler at 360 degrees constantly until sack is empty . the device can be thrown into burning area i.e room, building, it is also self righting - lands on its front, thanks to cleaver design) it is battery operated and made of fire proof material layers & also air intake fan is made of same material . it puts fire a bay at a constant rate.

if Fire service personnel ran out of water, these devices could be used as alternatives+ they can be made to different sizes & specifications for different area masses. no water , no option, think again the powder device range.

Benefits =
no risk to personnel when clearing areas/tackling fires
no water, no problem
dangerous fire, throw the powder devices
take out / suppress the fire like a grenade

US 5 issued 2013-01-15

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$20,000,000

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