Article for Smokers (Lighter & Extinguisher - Eco-Friendly)

On-Off Cigarette is the first and only cigarette lighter, which allows instant and simultaneous containment sealed off the stump, safely and respecting the environment.

How is your invention better than existing products or technology.
Because is portable and indispensable for every smoker, but ... multifunctional and easy, safe and clean (all in 1 > LIGHTING / EXTINGUISHING / CONTAINING / DISPOSAL).

Vairous application for your invention.
To all smokers .... at least in most civilized countries, and environmentally friendly.

Who would use your invention?
Regardless of men and women.

Who would sell your invention?
Obviously, in the tobacco industry and its accessories. The potential market is obviously huge, contanto at World 1.5 billion smokers.

Companies that may be interested in manufacturing and/or marketing your invention.
PMI - BAT - JTI - China Tobacco - Yesmoke - Natural american Spirit ; BIC corporation - ST Dupont - Ronson - Zippo - SwedishMatch - Unilite - Cricket - Major - Swatch Group (Swiss), ......

Competitive products/technologies and other similar products/technologies on the market.
There is currently nothing to do with these combined actions and so simple to use.

Economic and commercial information :

Determined manufacturing costs? Yes.
Manufacturing costs (actual):
• Basic product : $ 1.2 Project sales price: $ 4
• Luxury product : $ 2 = = = : $ 7
• Anticipated annual sales: $ ??? but potential big numbers !

Product testing performed by On-Off Cigarette Ltd Company in Italy, Swiss , UK and France.

- Invention History
Enlisted help for this project? Yes
An invention company has rights to invention? Not yet
Companies approached about this invention. Not yet

- Inventor's Background
Your current employment.
I was until recently the Italy sales Manager for multinational American (WD-40 Company). To date, the owner and sole shareholder of On-Off Cigarette Company Ltd (Italy).
Presently operate own business?
Type of business: Production and trade
Size and scope of business.
Enhance my patents and company.

Ever operated your own business? Yes
Educational background and professional training.
Over 20 years of business experience in Multinational contexts.
Papers and publications
See press release on the website:
How did you come up with your invention?
Watching and analyzing the needs of the people, the environment and institutions.

- Inventor's Objectives/Projections
My personal preferences are;
• Receive only a lump sum cash payment for my invention, or, Yes
• Receive higher long range royalty income, or, Yes
• Receive a combination of up-front payment plus royalties, or, Yes

Time spent working on this project. 5 years
Estimated hours have been spent working on this project. 2000 hours
Estimated amount spent working on this invention. $ 400,000
What do you think the rights to your invention are worth?
$ ................. to $.................. ? To be negotiated.


Patents issued and apllication (portfolio) :

US 20120285846 - EP2519120 - An article for smokers.
US 8091557 - EP 2173202 - (China) ZL200880100717.6 Device to light and extinguish a cigarette with recovery of the cigarette.
+ PCT/IB2012/050662 - A portable ecological article for extinguishing a cigarette and for containing residues of the cigarette.

Copyright registered? YES.
Trademark filed? YES.

Contact Information :

On-Off Cigarette Srl
via Emilia, 172
Ozzano Emilia (Bologna) -40064 - Italy
Pierpaolo Cortesi
Work Phone: 0039 335396320
Fax: 0039 0510547903

email: [email protected]


Attached files:
ENG. 23-12-12 x mail .pdf

CN 2,008,801,007,176 issued 2011-11-23
EP 2,519,120 issued 2012-11-07
US 20,120,285,846 issued 2012-11-15

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$1,000,000

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