FH2 1 Rescue Craft

The FH2 1 Rescue Craft is to be used on Oil Rigs, Passenger ships, Commercial Fishing ships, and Cargo ships or any other Sea Vessel. The Rescue Craft would take the place of existing Life Boats used today. The FH2 1 Rescue Craft houses 16 people in case of a Disaster and can be used in high seas or packed Ice evacuation situation. The outer shape of the craft is ball shaped and houses another ball shaped sphere inside the unit. The second ball shape houses the Evacuees. The ball shape is used because it is less resistant to natural hostile elements. The insides sphere that houses the evacuees has a Gyro to keep its rescued occupants in a stable environment free from dangerous shaking or knocking from Dangerous weather conditions outside the unit, such as large waves, severe wind even pack ice outside the Craft. The inside sphere is on smooth - rollers that press up against the outer ball from inside. FH2 1 Rescue Craft has many additional features on it such as: GPS, Ship to Shore Radio, Bilge Pump, Water Ballast, Medical Supplies, compact refrigerators for Food and Beverage, C02 Scrubber and or Re - Breather, Remote Flares, Fire extinguishers, Folding Swivel Eye Hooks, Motorized ballast doors, On board Heating and Air system, Water tight hatches, External flashing multicolored lights .lavatory's that are built into the seats. FH2 1 Ocean Rescue Craft was designed to save the lives of its occupants even in the most dangerous of situations.

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US 20,120,227,659 issued 2012-09-13   [MORE INFO]

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Asking Price: US$1,000,000

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