New Firefighting Product Guarantees to Deliver 100% liquid to the Fire

The WATER POD is a somewhat 'rugby ball', or drum shaped product, molded from a degradable plastic, using the rotational molding process. The PODS have vertical integral 'fracture' seams molded into them, for a controlled rupture, and have a capacity of from 35 ~ 55 gallons of liquid. They are very easy to store, load and deploy. They can be filled with a simple water hose, or by standard drum filling methods. They are then loaded onto standard cargo aircraft, using standard warehouse and loading equipment. Flying, or hovering, over the fire at a SAFE altitude, the aircraft drops the PODS directly onto the fire. Being fully self contained, there is no water loss due to wind, or heat evaporation, and 100% of the liquid is guaranteed to reach the fire. Upon contact with the ground, the WATER PODS instantly burst open along the fracture seams, and disperse the liquid evenly. There are also fast growing ground cover seeds in the PODS that will help to prevent erosion, which is a great concern after these fires are extinguished. The Forest Service will determine the type of seed.

The AIRBURST version is exactly the same as the IMPACT version. The difference is that it is connected to the aircraft by a static line. When dropped, the line will reach full extension. At full extension, the PODS rupture along the same fracture seams, but at a predetermined altitude. This creates a mist that can be very effective in certain types of fires. The static lines are then reeled back into the aircraft for reuse. If, by chance, a pod doesn't rupture in the air and falls, it will still rupture on the ground, dispersing the liquid, anyway. And, being degradable, any POD fragments will degrade within a couple of months.

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US 70,898,621 issued 2006-08-15   [MORE INFO]

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Asking Price: US$3,000,000

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