System and method for providing particularized audible alerts

LALA (Limited Acoustic Language Algorithm) is a tool for reducing the acoustic complexity of speech. It works by taking the acoustically complex, highly variable, and nuanced phonemes of a spoken language and replaces them with a small set of simple computer generated sounds. The technology is taught in US patent 7,869,588.

Applications include:

• Assistive devices for hearing impaired people
• Phone software for hearing impaired people (or noisy environments)
• Ultra-high-speed audio communication from computers to people
• Informative Alerts ™ (including ringtones)

LALA ringtones enable phones to announce a caller’s identity to the phone’s owner but NOT to bystanders. The owner of the phone does not need to assign specific ringtones to his/her contacts. The phone does not even need to have a list of contacts or phone numbers.

US 7,869,588 issued 2011-01-11   [MORE INFO]

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