Light (lighting) Strip Including a Core Layer of Insulating Material Receiving Spaced Apart Light Emitting Diodes (LED)

1. A light strip comprising: an elongate core layer of insulating material having an outer surface comprising two opposed faces extending in a longitudinal direction of the core layer; at least one light mounting aperture extending through the core layer between the two opposed faces of the core layer; two conductive elements extending in the longitudinal direction along the outer surface of the elongate core layer; a plurality of light emitting diode assemblies connected between the two conductive elements and received in said at least one light mounting aperture in the core layer; a resistive assembly connected with each light emitting diode assembly between the two conductive elements; a plurality of resistor mounting apertures extending through the core layer independently of the light mounting apertures of the respective light emitting diode assemblies, each resistor mounting aperture receiving a respective one of the resistive assemblies therein; and a cover layer spanning in the longitudinal direction adjacent each one of the two opposed faces of the elongate core layer.

CA 2,667,312 issued 0000-00-00   [MORE INFO]
US 8,177,392 issued 2012-05-15   [MORE INFO]

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