Article Management System

An apparatus for controlling secure and managed access storage and retrieval of one or more different types of articles is disclosed. The apparatus includes a plurality of compartments for articles, the compartments arranged in a rotatable cylindrical array with one opening for each compartment on the surface of the cylinder. A linearly driven belt having an access port thereon limits access to a single compartment. The compartments may be of equal or different size to accept different articles. A sliding door, positionable over an opening in the robust housing, provides additional security. A drawer with additional compartments may be included in the apparatus in addition to the cylindrical array. Certain compartments may have an assignment linking them to other compartments in the cylindrical array or drawer, allowing for the secure and separate storage of sets of related articles, such as the keys, registration and/or license plate of a car, guns and associate ammo as examples. Access to stored articles is achieved through a touch screen user interface, an OCR document reader or scanner, a biometric reader device and /or PIN entry access or any single or combination thereof. The vaulted apparatus provides easier and quicker access to stored, controlled and safe guarded articles.

The utility of the apparatus offers safe management of a multitude articles of various sizes , shapes and usage and maybe adapted to a multitude of industries. From military and navy, to law enforcements, to weapon manufacturers, to gun retailers there are no limits. In other industries such as medical fields for drugs safe guarding to accurate dispensing, in highly valuable articles such as gemstones and precious metals , in mail and documents controlling and dispensing the usage of this invention is countless.

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US 8,249,743 issued 2012-08-21   [MORE INFO]
GB 2,456,469 issued 2011-09-26
GB 2,456,469 issued 2011-09-26

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