Security and driver/personnel identification system

US Patent 8,451,105 refers to a biometric cell phone and biometric cell phone receptor.

It is a known fact that in the transportation industry, drivers drive "over hours" to reach a facility before it closes, resulting in an overtired driver at increased risk of a highway accident, and the possibility of spending the weekend parked until the facility opens again. This dangerous and inconvenient situation can be eliminated at facilities deploying the Landit system. Example: Driver is four
hours away from a facility that closes in one hour for the weekend. When he arrives at the closed facility, he activates his bio-cell phone, inserts it into the truck BCR, which communicates his identity to the facility authority. Preprogrammed information from the facility to the truck BCR enables the driver to park the loaded trailer at a specific dock door secured on the confirmation security (C/S) pad.

The biometric cell phone is preprogrammed with the authorized user's biometric information, i.e. voice, fingerprint, photo, credit card information, passport, etc., factually identifying the authorized user, and allowing ONLY the authorized user to initiate secure communications at strategic locations. The biometric cell phone can also make and receive calls, without initiating the security process.

The biometric cell phone is also designed to initiate positive, secure communication with the preprogrammed biometric cell phone receptor (BCR), a telecommunications mobile terminal deployed at strategic locations where security is paramount. For example, in the transportation industry, insertion
of the biometric cell phone into the BCR factually identifies driver and assigned vehicle. Only that identified driver can hook the trailer at the facility, ignite the engine, and depart, eliminating theft activity.

The BCR telecommunications terminal also enables personnel to initiate positive communications via fingerprint application the BCR, followed by dialing phone number on the BCR keyboard.

Although the description in the above paragraph illustrates its use in the transportation, it should be noted that the system can be utilized in any area where positive identification of an individual is essential, such as banks, airport, military installations, etc.

It should also be noted that the biometric cell phone and biometric cell phone receptor (BCR) can be utilized independent of each other.

US 8,451,105 issued 2013-05-28   [MORE INFO]

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