Interactive book and spatial accountability method

The current invention promotes accountability in reading, in terms of spatial, causal, temporal, protagonist, and intentionality elements of a story. A book with interactive maps was developed to emphasize the spatial and other dimensions of stories and encourage more spatial mental models, and generally more accurate situation models of the story. The interactive maps were printed on microdot paper and interspersed throughout the book, sometimes with successful completion of the activities required to obtain the page number of the next section of the book, which had been reordered in a non-sequential manner. Wireless electronic pens with cameras track X-Y location information from the microdot paper. Auditory feedback may be provided through a secondary device, like a personal computer, or directly using the electronic pen. The interactive book was tested on a group of sixth-grade students and found to reinforce spatial accountability.

US 8,737,908 issued 2014-05-27   [MORE INFO]

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