Event data translation system

The patent covers a system for identifying and extracting calendar events from various data formats, and delivering them to personal information management (“PIM”) software. The target price is $90K but is negotiable.

PIM software allows a user to record, track, and manage personal information. The information may include tasks, calendar entries, and lists of events. US 7,577,963 enables and simplifies the translation of event data from digital calendars having multiple display formats—publicized, for example, in webpages, emails, and stand-alone files—to PIM software, web pages, or other data format types. The input data can be in formats that include HTML, Delimited Text Files, word-processor files, spreadsheet files, pdfs, syndication feeds, and calendar-data formats (iCal, hCal).

Some examples of market applications include:
• Data harvesting, updating personal calendars with events posted online and entry of information.
o Online calendars (Ex- concerts, conferences and other special events)
o Updating personal calendars with assignments from university syllabi
o Importing project schedules into personal calendars
• Gather usage data and generate statistics from that data.
• Tracking edited events.

US 7,577,963 issued 2009-08-18   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$90,000

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