Pointing and Identification Device

The patent covers apps that transform a mobile device into a Pointing and Identification Device (PID) that is used to directly point at an item in a show, on a computer, or in the world. The image is uploaded and the app returns a list of items related to the image. The user can then select a specific item from that list. The PID app then provides to the user context/item-sensitive options for acting upon the item, including the option to buy it.

For example, a 3-year old boy is watching a Thomas the Tank engine episode and, upon seeing Gordon the Express Engine, says "Daddy, I want that." His dad pick up his cell phone, points it at the TV screen and clicks. The PID app returns a list of objects on the screen including Gordon. He selects Gordon, then is shown images of wood, metal, and plastic versions of Gordon the Tank Engine ... maybe even an original model used to make the show. Dad clicks on one, then confirms his order and payment information. Vendors can associate their products and services with a particular show or just one scene. The service gets a percent of the sale.

Note that the reticle described in the claims can be blank as clearly stated in the specification.

US 8,471,812 issued 2013-06-25   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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