Measuring fragmentation on direct access

Enabling management of storage efficiency after a long usage period. Alerts when maintenance is required for workstations, servers, virtual disks and big datas.

A method for determining file fragmentation and performing subsequent defragmentation, including measuring a file fragmentation factor, measuring a file extent distance factor, measuring a file fragmentation level, selecting a file stored as multiple extents on at least one disk, selecting a free space extent on the disk whose length most closely matches the length of the file, calculating a fragmentation level of the disk from a fragmentation factor and a file extent distance factor of free space extents or allocated space extents of the disk, calculating the effect that moving the file to the free space extent would have on the fragmentation level, and moving the file to the free space extent provided that doing so causes the fragmentation level to satisfy a criterion.

US 80,511,152 issued 2013-01-01   [MORE INFO]

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