Gearbox Apparatus

At over 100 years ago, much low technical, intellectual levels, fewer professional employees and free earth fossil fuel, oil created concept that permitted:
(1) To add a gas or electromagnet field amount to motor physical volume that reduce its shaft highest torque for acceleration of machine or its parts,
(2) To ignore calculation of least motor size is provided by land, water or air friction force that pushes transportation according to Third physics law of motion,
(3) Unlimited to increase motor torque so that eliminates to use additional transmission torque that has function to save motor energy,
(4) To use the transmission torque as second brake of the wheels to the gas or electromagnet field acceleration system when both are used in the same time.
(5) Unlimited to increase motor size because the additional gas or electromagnet field too slowly reaches the needed vehicle speed from stop according to the increased city traffic.

Therefore the huge machines as locomotive, ship, helicopter, propeller airplane, CNC machine tool, conveyor system, etc. ignored to use the transmission In their propulsion. They use only huge motor-propulsion with acceleration system because an excessive energy motor consumption is paid by taxpayers, entity and the group of passengers.

Heavy-duty truck of 80,000 lbs uses the shift gearbox torques that helps to use motor with reduced power because the individual-driver pays for energy consumption. When acceleration system increases speed and reduces highest torque of motor shaft in the same time the shift gearbox adds torque magnitude to wheels that moves it from stop at increased speed.
As have shown increased number and power of environment disasters, changing climate, it is wrong way to create huge excessive greenhouse gas that provides imbalances of earth life circles.

Today, for example, above one billion of global vehicles and above three billions of machine tools (in USA) continue directly or indirectly to emit excessive emissions. Why manufactures continue to focus only on the power of a power source? The use of levers, i.e., gears in a transmission, for moving machine or its parts is too unconventional. It is much easier to increase the power of a motor by an additional number of cylinders or increased diameter and length of wire than to redesign a transmission for economy energy or consumer’s money. Too old concept also provides less number of employees.

However the global population is increased to above 7 billion of people that requests increasing number of jobs. Alternately, machines market will be collapsed as will be global economy goes down.

What are experiences to use motor without interior acceleration system that reduce its shaft highest torque in the vehicle and machine tool work process?
The first world’s car technology was originally developed by Carl Benz who proved that land friction force can push a vehicle with the power-to-weight RATIO equal to 779 lb/hp is still valid today. He have used a 0.75 horse power motor without a gas acceleration system (GR Pat. No. 37435, published in 1886) in Germany.

The universal machine tool concept uses motor with only one standard shaft speed.

State-of-the-art concept expands to use design technology of first global vehicle inventor Mr. Carl Benz and the universal machine tool concept for machine that needs change speeds.

There is in U.S. Pat. No. 8,011,274 at 9/ 6/2011 with a life through February 2029. Over 1,000 multi-speed transmission designs included brand new combinations of well-known shaft and gears with definite gear ratios so that if number of produced speeds increasing that gears number is reducing. Other words, also efficiency of each design production is using of the same machine tools systems, equipment, etc. for conventional transmissions.
When used with electric and hybrid vehicles, similar vehicle performance is achieved with smaller batteries.

The patent describes the transmission (the “274” transmission) connected by at least one drive shaft to motors. The 274 transmission or shift gearbox includes
1. at least two independent shafts,
2. at least one output shaft, and
3. often dramatically fewer number of gearsets with gear ratios
a. selected from a faltering geometric sequence and
b. arranged to provide a sufficient number of torques and overdrive speeds to the output shaft to satisfactorily operate a vehicle and other machine

These technologies create over 1,000 multi-speed shift gearbox designs so that one has less number of gears in comparison to existing shift gearbox design.

Unique design methods provide increasing number of produced speeds is reducing number of gears. For example, one of the designs for heavy duty trucks produces 144 forward/72 reverse torques and overdrive speeds with 26 gears or 2 gears less than the conventional heavy-duty truck shift gearbox of 28 gears to cause 18 forward and 2 reverse through use of transmission overdrive speeds in placed of an acceleration system.

State-of-the-art concept has focus to multi-speeds gear-transmission or said gearbox apparatus. It could replace existing transmission and (1) limits to use acceleration system up to 90% or (2) eliminate to use it.
Therefore, a said gearbox apparatus is installed in the existing propulsion design also open opportunity to replace existing motor by smaller motor size for additional energy economy.

Significant efficiencies are realized. Current vehicles use two brake systems, one in the transmission torque that reduces wheels speed when the accelerator increases their revolution in the same time and one on the wheels. In its preferred use the “274” transmission eliminates the need for an acceleration system. This has at least six major advantages.
1. First it cuts additional gas or electromagnet field consumption by up to 80%.
2. Second, it significantly reduces the size and costs of the motor without increasing of the shaft standard-idle speed is reducing of the shaft highest torque that needed to move a vehicle from a static position to a chosen speed.
3. Third, it cuts additional motor energy consumption and heat generation by not using the transmission as a second brake system as currently done.
4. Fourth, it significantly cuts acceleration time of the vehicle driven by either an electromagnet field or gas by shortening acceleration time through use of only the current wheel break system.
5. Fifth, it improves driving safety by only using the wheel brake system for stopping and acceleration.
6. Sixth, it lowers the heat and power generated by the transmission and motor combination to less than 30% of that used to power a similar conventional transmission with a motor.
Thus, conventional ranges of wheel speeds and torques can be achieved more quickly by using only the wheel brakes and using a significantly increased number of transmission speeds with the same or less number of gears. In some embodiments, motors that produce 500 horsepower (hp) may be replaced with motors able to produce less than 100 hp with similar wheel torques capabilities to move vehicles at similar speeds and with shorter times for acceleration. In other embodiments, motors that produce 250 hp may be replaced by motors able to produce less than 25 hp without loss of vehicle movement capabilities.
7. Seventh, the unique methods of the invention create at least three maneuverability improvements for vehicle and heavy-duty equipment.
(1) It allows the additions of reverse speeds up to the number of forward speeds without additional gears,
(2) It permits temporary use of front, rear, or both wheels and also use of other additional equipment or devices by providing more than one independent shaft at the same time.
(3) IT permits using at least two propellers for dramatically cutting maneuverability times of the water or in the air over conventional propulsion systems.

Patent pending have disclosed how use revolutionary concept to modernize also existing fossil fuel and nuclear plants so that reduce if not eliminate to use steam as force.

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