Safety For Aircraft pilot handler instrumentation Design for cockpits

on behalf of the crashes in the twin tower in u.s.a. i think there needs a design for save the people of airplane and pilot as well as against terrorist attacks.when any attemps made by the terrorist they no way take position in the arises a design by me:

1.) A signal device designd for a particular shape of frequency level to communicate on cockpits to ground level tower first by using VHF level. Two frequency uses here.
2.) One frequency for route connection.
3.) Another for the identification of pilot existence each time a repeated pulse supplyier to the ground station.
4.) Finger print simulation by scanning on the throttle for the recognised pilot with joystick level glasstype envelop mechanism design. at which any change on pilot side can easily signaled on the tower and whole allience.
5.) If the capturing finger print(false pilot) does not match the device throttle than the plate automatically reports and back the distination point airport controlled by computer programming there.
As such an accidents happened on Malaysian airlines MH370 DATED 8TH MARCH 2014. I think that if materials design on the aircrafts body than if any disaster happed than the floating materials float on the sea. so finding the missing plane.
so the body of the plane there must be gps system which actively always on the satellite connectivity if the plane crashs. the device will acts by battery powered supply.

so, its a idea in my little brain.

thanks sir.

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