System for Broadcasting Advertisements

This is a UK targeted advertising patent. It covers the ability of an IP network system to automatically learn about consumer types , build up group profiles and then deliver advertising content accordingly. The wording specifically mentions IP based network architectures thereby covering all types of television and video delivery whether they be broadband ( internet ) or mobile ( cellular telephony ) based distribution systems. With an original filing date of 2003 it is exceptionally early for anything in this space and has now reached that sweet spot of all patents where the marketplace has finally caught up with the original vision. The patent was declared into the ETSI IPR database in 2009. With seven years left on the clock there is now plenty of scope for commercialisation.

Please Note : The US patent is subject to an existing assignment to targeted advertising specialists Visible World based in New York. The link is only provided here so that prospective purchasers can see the full history and the list of citations and references as made by the US examiner prior to grant. No less than 17 of these are to Microsoft , Google , Verizon and Cisco.

EP 1,614,289 issued 2009-03-25   [MORE INFO]
GB 1,614,289 issued 2003-04-04   [MORE INFO]
US 8,296,793 issued 2012-10-23   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$120,000

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