Portable Security Surveillance Device

Portable Security Surveillance Device (PSSD) is a multi-functional mobile assistant for supporting fundamental human values, helping us to be safe and spend our time well. Mobile connectivity reliance has become an integral part of life for many youth. PSSD’s primary focus on safety and security are universal to the human condition and is superior to competitive products because it is portable and wearable with interchangeable sensory modules for expanded applications. Industries could quickly adopt and benefit from the PSSD’s technology, such as Remote Healthcare, Sports, Defense, Consumer, Public Safety, Retail & Hospitality and more. Challenges unmet by other products are now convenient, everyday solutions provided by the PSSD, such as remote care giving/monitoring/accountability for others including the young, elderly, disabled and pets. Virtual Doctor office visits/remote medical examination/consultation/field emergency solutions and more are enabled by PSSD. US utility patent 9578261 issued on February 21, 2017 has 19 claims that protect the exclusive design and function of the Portable Security Surveillance Device with continuation application.

US 9,578,261 issued 2017-02-21   [MORE INFO]

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