Magnetic Levitation Device and Method

The patent relates to a magnetic levitation device and method wherein a permanent magnet is spun above a base magnet, the polar orientations of the magnets being such that the base magnet repels the spinning magnet.
Functionally, the invention, which has both educational and entertainment applications, is comparable to the popular toy known as The Levitron. In terms of operability, however, there are notable contrasts that can be summed up as follows: the invention is essentially an extremely user-friendly version of The Levitron, a technological “next step” in its evolution. All of the inherent difficulties presented in the operation of The Levitron, i.e., in effecting levitation, are non-existent in the subject invention: spin inducement is no longer a matter of well-practiced dexterity; base magnet leveling is a direct, intuitively obvious and singular action, one in which the somewhat perplexing, tentative process of placing wedges or adjusting support legs has been eliminated; lift-off and levitation are assured, sans trial-and-error manipulation of floater-magnet washer weights.
Simply stated, the subject invention is one that makes permanent magnet levitation easy and assured.

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US 9,795,894 issued 2017-10-24   [MORE INFO]

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