Methods of Synthesizing .gamma.-AApeptides, .gamma.-AApeptide Building Blocks, .gamma.-AApeptide libraries, and .gamma.-AApeptide Inhibitors of A.beta..sub.40 Aggregates

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for .gamma.-AApeptides, .gamma.-AApeptide building blocks, methods of making .gamma.-AApeptides and libraries of .gamma.-AApeptides, methods of screening the .gamma.-AApeptide libraries for desired peptidomimetic activity, and the like. The present disclosure also provides for .gamma.-AApeptides that are inhibitors of A.beta. peptide aggregation, methods of inhibiting and disassembling A.beta. peptide aggregation, methods of inhibiting the toxicity of A.beta. aggregates towards N2a neuroblasotma cells, as well as methods and compounds for treating Alzheimer's disease.

US 10,022,420 issued 2018-07-17   [MORE INFO]

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