Cargo Containment Unit (C.C.U.)

The Cargo Containment Unit (C.C.U.) is a lightweight, durable and easy to use system designed to contain cargo on any flatbed truck. The C.C.U. alleviates the need for cargo nets and prevents damage to cargo from weather. The C.C.U. is easy to assemble around cargo and can be tailored to the desired height needed. Unused panels can simply be stowed away. While cargo nets may shift during transportation, the C.C.U. prevents cargo from shifting while also ensuring cargo straps do not become loose. The system also prevents damage from vehicle accidents which can save companies money from having to replace damaged goods. So whether cargo is being transported by civilian companies on a highway or a military transport through rough terrain, the C.C.U. will keep cargo safe and secure.

US 10,435,042 issued 2019-10-08   [MORE INFO]

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