Temperature Sensing Air Diffuser

This patent is for a temperature sensing air diffuser. It will be extremely useful in any conditioned space, whether it be commercial, industrial or residential.
The diffuser is designed to sense the temperature of the supply air and react accordingly.
If the air conditioning system is in cooling mode, then the 55°F+/- air would alter the angle of the diffuser blades to allow the supply air to mix better with the ambient air thus providing better comfort by eliminating cold drafts and also decrease energy cost by removing temperature variations.
In heating mode, the diffuser blades would react in the opposite direction producing a more direct effect on occupants as well as better mixing due to thermal buoyancy.
The diffuser is completely stand alone. It requires no wiring, batteries or supplemental components.

US 9,696,060 issued 2017-07-04   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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