Chemical pigging apparatus for pipelines US8719989B1

The chemical pigging apparatus for pipelines includes a forward component and a rearward component. The forward component has front and rear seals, with a chemical chamber between. A flexible elongate dispensing tube is in communication with the front of the chamber, with the tube having a perforated dispensing tip at its forward end. The chamber is open to the rear, with a piston sealing the rear portion of the chamber. The rearward component has a rearward component seal, with a rod extending forward of the seal. The rod has a protrusion that seats within a mating socket at the rear of the piston. The apparatus is propelled through a pipeline by pressure behind the rearward component seal, with the rearward component pushing the forward component through the pipeline and pushing the piston into the chemical chamber to expel chemicals through the forward dispensing tube and its dispensing tip.

US 87,199,891 issued 2014-05-13   [MORE INFO]

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