Dental Pick Container and Dispenser

This multi-function storage case organizes, separates, and stores (interconnected) picks for easy dispensing - the only innovation of its kind worldwide that enhances the user picking experience and creates competitive advantage in the crowded dental pick category.

The utility patent family covers multiple embodiments/species and is granted-registered in the US, EU (13 countries), CN and JP. [Note: not all patent grants are listed here, but are available]. Patent lives expire in 2034. Learn about the commercialized embodiment (patent 9259303/species #2) at: and Instagram:

Owner prefers selling the entire portfolio, but will consider country-by-country offers.

Attached files:
Suspended open cases (G & S, loaded).jpg
Model 1 Demo Video_FINAL (compressed).mov

EP 2,956,383 issued 2019-10-23   [MORE INFO]
EP 2,956,383 issued 2019-10-23   [MORE INFO]
US 10,080,635 issued 2018-09-18   [MORE INFO]
US 9,259,303 issued 2016-02-16   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$500,000

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