The Ultimate Weight Plate

Our product “The Ultimate Weight Plate” solves the problem to secure the weight plate with the barbell or dumbbell with its integrated clamp within the weight plate. We integrated the weight plate with the clamp, in order to be just one piece. This helps the user to secure the weight plate in one easy and practical movement without the need to search and apply an additional clamp.


When using a barbell or dumbbell, the free weight plates need to be securely fastened to the bar and easy to use. Unexpected movement of the weight plates need to be prevented for safety. The weight plates need to be secured in a manner that does not damage the barbell, the weight plates or the dumbbell when exercising. So, then you want to hold the weights in the bar with the clamps. These clamps are never in place and one has to go and look for them and sometimes there is none around.

Our product “The Ultimate Weight Plate” solves this problem.


All Gyms and Gym franchises, and any person that has exercise equipment at their homes. Now, because of the pandemic, many people buy fitness equipment including weight lifting equipment to exercise at home.
At this moment, we don’t have any direct competition to our product, as is a completely new and innovative product.

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US 109,532,622 issued 2021-03-23   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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