Consumer-centered risk analysis and insurance purchasing systems and methods

Systems and methods are provided for insurance risk analysis, insurance policy comparisons, benchmarking, and purchasing. A consumer-focused interview may be used. Conversation-style user interviews may be used, and interviews may be augmented with cognitive techniques. Interview topics may include consumer lifestyle, activities, possessions, and objectives, and other information pertinent to insurable risks. A data import-export engine may be provided to import data from various insurance companies, departments of insurance or data warehouses. Entered, imported, and/or previously stored data may be used to produce one or more of a risk profile report, a risk analysis, a recommended coverage report, a policy download, a gap analysis report, a comparison report of multiple proposals from multiple insurance companies, a policy forms analysis, a policy forms analysis comparison, and/or a benchmark report. Apparatuses and method may include modules for accounting, marketing, communication, consumer and prospect tracking and documentation, and/or insurance and risk management education.

US 10,803,528 issued 2020-10-13   [MORE INFO]

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