Apparatus for Storing and Hygienically Dispensing a Cleaning Solution

Apparatus for storing and hygenically dispensing a cleansing solution

An apparatus for dispensing a cleansing solution on to a tissue comprised of: a reservoir container forming an interior volume for holding a cleansing solution and an opening that provides access to the interior volume; a dispersion component comprised of an upper surface, a lower surface, a plurality of holes on the upper surface, and at least one channel between the upper and lower surfaces; and a pump assembly comprised of a tubular member extending from the interior volume of the reservoir container, through the opening, and mated to the lower surface of the dispersion component, in which the pump assembly defines an actuator for pumping the cleansing solution from said interior volume of the reservoir container, through the one or more channels, and through the holes of the upper surface of said dispersion component when a pressure is applied to the dispersion component.

US 82,676,102 issued 2012-09-18   [MORE INFO]

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