Method and Apparatus for Producing Carbon Nano-particles

The Invention Solid particles having micrometer and nanometer dimensions are increasingly needed in technological applications. TAU innovation simply and inexpensively fabricates various micro- and nano-particles in an organic fluid. The particles can be separated from the fluid electrically, magnetically, or gravitationally, or the particles can be transported suspended in the fluid, and the fluid evaporated at a later stage in the process.

A variety of novel nano-structures such as nano-fibers, nano-balls and nano-onions (i.e. composed of concentric spherical layers) are fabricated and can be used in different applications.
The Technological Innovation

Nano-particles are synthesized using a pulsed arc submerged in a fluid such as ethanol. The arc is sustained between pairs of graphite, Ni, Fe, or W electrodes. This process produces nano-fibers or nano-tubes with diameters in the range of 2.8 – 6.8 nm. Particles with an onion-like structure typically have an outer diameter of 15-20 nm, and the diameter of the interior void is approximately 5-8 nm. Micro-particles with a metal-rich interior and carbon-rich exterior can also be produced.

The particles can be segregated and separated in the liquid by sedimentation, or by insertion of a collection plate to which a magnetic (for magnetic particles, e.g. Ni) or an electric field is applied.

Commercial Applications The novel nano-particles could be especially useful as nano-powder since production of the particles by the new method is less expensive than existing methods. Possible applications include inks, and especially electrically conductive inks, paints (especially for absorption of electromagnetic radiation), and powder metallurgy, for forming a stronger sintered product by filling the voids left using conventional larger powder particles.
Patent Pending
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Inventor(s): Naum Parkansky, Raymond Boxman

Type of Offer: Licensing

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