Novel Adsorbent Systems for Water Purification Using Metal Oxide Bound to Substrate and Heated Metal Oxide Particles

Introduction There is an ever increasing need for potable water. Improvements in conventional purification technologies allow for savings in both time and money and ensure that clean water is available in areas that need it. Technology Description Professor Benjamin at the University of Washington has developed a device and process for enhancing water decontamination whereby either standard membrane filtration or slow sand filtration is coupled to metal oxide particles, which adsorb many common toxic contaminants. Further, the nanoparticles have an enhanced affinity for many contaminants when heated. These processes show a marked improvement over similar conventional devices in reducing both contaminant levels and membrane fouling in addition to effectively reducing turbidity and microorganism levels. Business Opportunity These processes could be adapted as an inline water purification step at any scale. The technology is viable for any form of environmental remediation. Stage of Development Professor Benjamin has developed a working prototype of this device. Intellectual Property Position The UW has filed patents on this technology. For more information on this technology contact:
Jim Roberts Business Development Officer [email protected] 206-616-1097

Type of Offer: Licensing

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