Low Frequency Seismic Accelerometer

This invention describes a sensor for civil engineering applications in earthquake zones and for other applications where low frequency, large dynamic measurement range is required. Earlier technologies like high and "force-balance" acceleromet an deliver the frequency and dynamic range but are extremely expensive. Capacitor type, silicon type sensors have good frequency range but poor dynamic range. Piezoelectric type sensors have poor frequency range also narrow dynamic range. Piezo-re sistant type sensors have good frequency range but bad thermal stability and high power consumption.

Seismic ground motion can have very large dynamic range. A peak acceleration of a strong earthquake can be as high as 2g or more, whereas, a smal l tremor can be as low as about 120dB. Currently, sensors with affordable price do not have such a large dynamic range. This new sensor has reasonable cost, good frequency range (0.05 Hz-50 Hz); wide dynamic range (50mg -5g), good thermal stability , and optional good transverse sensitivity.

Categories: General Engineering, Sensors

US 6,038,924

Type of Offer: Licensing

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