Detection and identification of buried, non-metallic landmines via acoustic sensing

This invention describes a technology appropriate for detection of buried objects such as landmines, buried structures and artifacts in soil beds and inhomogeneities in mass distribution of powders.

It is a method and a system for detecting and imaging the shape, location, and material identity of buried objects at any depth in granular beds. It employs controlled dispersion of mechanical energy impulses generated over relatively small areas of the surface of a granular bed. If there is a ny object in the soil, the impulses are backscattered off the object's surface and detected by sensors. A heavier mass will backscatter more energy than a lighter mass. A visual image is constructed by computer processing and displayed. Informati on from the computer image along with calculated mass will allow the user to deduce the material composition of the material.

The advantages of the technology are:
It does not require ground contact via a duct. It calculates density of the bur ied material, which may be used for identification purposes. Signal quality can be adjusted and controlled for better, more accurate analysis. No part of the invention need be submerged in granular bed.

Categories: General Engineering, Sensors

US 6,418,081

Type of Offer: Licensing

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