Swim Trainer

The invention is an integrated system and method that allows a coach to design and conduct training strategies to maximize athletic performance and monitor progress. The system employs an underwater light system that paces an individual swimmer’s t raining session. The system has a computer interface which allows a coach or a swimmer to input a particular training strategy using pace lights and timing system or, alternatively, using the system’s internal training programs. The system allows a coach to set an individual swimmer’s pace, distance, rest intervals, repetitions, sets, and dive and turn pace. The system provides a method to collect instantaneous velocity data from a swimmer. The device can be used with up to 6 swimmers per li ght strip (lane) at a time. The invention facilitates the improvement of the swimmer’s biomechanics (technique), distance per stroke, and aerobic and anaerobic metabolism, thereby improving the swimmer’s performance as demonstrated by a published re port. The system is applicable to other sports, such as track, football, etc.

Categories: Instrumentation, General Engineering

Patents Issues: 6,086,379 740451

Type of Offer: Licensing

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