Jerk Limited Techniques for Minimizing Vibration of Maneuvering Structures

Control of machine vibrations is very important in design of flexible motion systems. This technology describes a technique to design time-delay filters which modify the input to the dynamic system such that the residual vibration at the end of the maneuver is eliminated or minimized in the presence of modeling uncertainties. The proposed technique will permit the designer to select the level of permitted jerk, which is directly correlated to the acoustic noise generated by the vibrating struc ture. This method of time-delay filter design also addresses the issue of reducing acoustic noise generated by driving the structure with a control input with the potential of exciting acoustic modes.

Key advantages of the invention: Addresses the issue of eliminating or minimizing the residual energy of maneuvering structures. The control system reduces acoustic energy emanating from the vibrating structures. Results generated by this type of control system are highly robust to modeli ng uncertainties. Time-delay filter design uses frequency domain techniques to address issues of noise; this is of great advantage to the control designer since they are most comfortable with the use of frequency domain techniques for design of co ntrollers.

Applications include: high precision machines from the silicon processing industry to light machining industry, piezo nanopositioners, computer disk drive head test spin stands.

Categories: Computer, General Engineering

Patents Issues: 7,152,083

Type of Offer: Licensing

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