Method of using synchronous rectification for autocalibration of A/D conversion with AC modulated measurements

Sensor measurements frequently require analog-to-digital (A/D) or digital-to-analog (D/A) signal conversion to communicate to computers or devices. Accurate sensor measurements require careful calibration of both the A/D or D/A components of the sig nal loop. This calibration greatly increases both time and cost, as well as requires highly stable A/D and D/A components. Researchers at the University at Buffalo have developed a method of synchronous rectification and frequency domain analysis w hich autocalibrates the A/D or D/A components. The new method eliminates the need for expensive lock-in amplifiers by producing the same quality output with low cost A/D or D/A hardware. It is applicable to any sensor system that can be configured t o use an AC excitation voltage or current.

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