Bismuth Thin Films Structure and Method of Construction

The invention is directed to the use of electrochemical deposition to fabricate thin films of a material (e.g., bismuth) exhibiting a superior magnetoresistive effect. The process allows to produce a thin film of Bismuth with reduced polycristallinization and leads to the production of a single crystalline thin films. The fabrication of this kind of film includes two steps: the deposition of a Bismuth layer onto a substrate using electrochemical deposition, and a annealing step for the formation of a single crystal bismuth thin film. The so-fabricated thin film exhibits a superior Magnetoresistivity with a simple field dependence suitable for a variety of field sensing applications. Patent (Set) 6,358,392

US 6,358,392

Inventor(s): Chien, Chia-Ling

Type of Offer: Licensing

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