Johns Hopkins POC-IT Document Development System, Codenamed: Tickler

Johns Hopkins Point of Care Information Technology (POC-IT) has undertaken development of a series of electronic medical specialty guides to assist physicians in raising the standard of care. This has led to the development of a sophisticated Content Management System (CMS) codenamed TICKLER, comprised of three major components: 1) Infrastructure for dynamic generation of web sites (Guides) 2) Administrative infrastructure and interface for management of the system 3) Technology for dynamic deployment of information to a variety of handheld/specialized devices Description (Set) The TICKLER content management system gives POC-IT administrators the ability to dynamically create and modify categories to populate new guides. The modules within those categories will be able to be shared across multiple guides. Module structure can be appended to incorporate additional information pertinent to the new guide. In the hope of keeping cross-disciplinary information consolidated into concise modules, structure and content will always be shared across multiple guides. To allow for more targeted guide subsets to certain medical disciplines, module primitives1 will be able to be tagged for a given discipline and will be included/excluded appropriately for handheld device download. Guide Administrators will have the ability to index the module for navigational purposes as well as apply a set of keywords to the module for POC-IT-wide association with modules and features across the TICKLER system. When authoring and editing modules, all changes made to the module primitives are tracked to allow administrators the ability to know whom authored/edited what content and when it occurred. Lead authors can accept/reject changes across the entire module and/or across each primitive object. Additionally, workflow tools will be added to facilitate the timely authoring/review of modules. TICKLER will contain a compliance oriented notification system that will enforce business rules associated with authoring content within the POC-IT Guides. Users of the system will be notified via email when they must perform a certain task, when they have been assigned a task, or when some other user has not appropriately complied with assigned tasks. Exception reports will be available to administrators to be able to review the status of modules as they undergo editing. Proposed Use (Set) -Authoring - The authoring of data for existing templates (module structures) and the ability to dynamically create new templates for new types of content. -Workflow - Facilitates the authoring process by enforcing a data-driven set of rules that say who should be authoring a given piece of content and for how long before exceptions are thrown. -Versioning - Tracking changes between edits so users know what has changed. Changes will be tracked at a character by character level giving precise control to the authors to accept/reject changes. Additionally, storing major revisions that have been published. -Storage - Tickler stores content in a native XML format. This ensures that the system is highly flexible and extensible. XML will be stored in an Oracle database which is built with tools like interMedia that can quickly search XML documents using XPath. -Publishing - Tickler separates the content from the display by the use of XSL style sheets. This allows the same content to be published to multiple sites. Moreover, multiple sites with different content can be constructed from a single content repository (eliminating duplicate content). -Roles-based security - Allows users to take on specific roles within the context of a particular piece of content. Ex: Dr. Smith can be a lead author for one module and a secondary editor for another. -Keyword Indexing (metadata) - Tickler has a consistent representation of keywords to facilitate extensive cross-content associations -Archiving ?V Tickler archives content in its native XML format at various stages of document development to ensure ready access to all changes (and the order in which they occurred) for a defined period of time. -Reporting ?V Tickler reporting tools provide snapshots of document and site development to assist management in the task of maintaining the various publications.

Inventor(s): Marcial, Laura H.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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