Aluminum-Based Metallic Glass Alloys

This novel metallic glass is nearly two times stronger than any previously existing aluminum alloy. This amorphous aluminum alloy is formed in thin flexible ribbons. By layering the ribbons with a polymer, sheets are produced that can be formed into any shape.

The alloy is extremely resistant to corrosion and is cheaper to produce than titanium. In addition, the metallic class is isotropic in strength (the tensile strength of the alloy is the same no matter in what direction the stress is applied), a property not found in crystalline alloys.

The alloy can be used in the interior of aircraft or in automobile bodies to replace heavier materials, such as steel. The alloy possesses a variety of other applications, such as forming the amorphous aluminum into a thread to be used in textiles, metallic cloth, or bullet-proof vests. A wide range of construction applications are also possible.

Samples of this amorphous aluminum alloy are available for testing.

US 4,964,927

Type of Offer: Licensing

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