Flexible, Highly Sensitive Piezoelectric Polymer Composite

Johns Hopkins University seeks a partner to commercialize a fundamentally new approach for fabricating flexible piezoelectric materials. The invention is a breakthrough in piezoelectric materials, allowing for thermally stable flexible piezoelectric film to be manufactured for the first time.

Click here to view high-quality marketing materials. Description (Set) • The polymer composite consists of two materials:
1. Poly(�enzyl �L-glutamates) (PBLG)
2. Polymethymethacrylate (PMMA)
• The mechanical strength of the PMMA is combined with the high piezoelectricity of the PBLG to create a unique polymer that is:
1. Durable 2. Flexible 3. Very sensitive 4. Highly piezoelectric
• The material eliminates the need for static pressure equalization, so devices using the material are capable of low frequency operation and in environments with differing atmospheric pressures.
• It eliminates the need to suspend a membrane under tension, making devices that use this technology more rugged and reliable.
• The fabrication process requires neither high temperature curing or mechanical stretching, thus reducing the cost of manufacturing. Proposed Use (Set) • Piezoelectric coatings
• Pressure sensors and actuators
• Sound vector sensors
• Light-weight transducers
• Foldable speakers or speaker arrays
• Microphones and speaker phones Patent (Set) WO/2008/021191

Inventor(s): Yu, Michael

Type of Offer: Licensing

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