Ice Thickness Gauge (TOP1-451)

Ice buildup on surfaces, buildings, roadways, and vehicles can impair performance, damage structures, and lead to human injury or death. The Ice Thickness Gauge warns of such accumulation by actively measuring ice depth. The gauge consists of a unique combination of a temperature-measurement sensor and two or more impedance-measuring sensors. Electronic circuits embedded within the Ice Thickness Gauge collect and combine information from these components to determine the presence and abundance of ice deposition. Ice on a given surface strongly affects the electrical storage capability of a pair of Ice Thickness Gauge conductors embedded on or near the surface where measurements are made. When two sets of conductors are spaced appropriately, their impedance ratio indicates ice thickness. The Ice Thickness Gauge design can be adapted according to local conditions. When a wide range of ice thicknesses must be monitored, varied spacing can be employed in several sets of conductors. Inexpensive, small, and simple to produce, Ice Thickness Gauge sensors can be adapted for virtually any vehicle or building, from aircraft wings to electric power stations. With active monitoring and diagnosis, de-icing can begin before potentially dangerous ice collects on structures and surfaces. Precise temperature measurements chart meteorology in real time, distinguishing between water and ice aggregation.

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