New Automated Expert System and Development Tool (GSC-13672)

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's GenSAA software was originally developed for real-time operations in spacecraft control centers. During routine satellite-ground contacts, the flight operations team monitors the downloading of scientific data and/or the uploading of onboard stored commands. This process is simple and repetitive, which made it ideal for automation. NASA Goddard developed GenSAA to meet these needs. A GenSAA expert system can be programmed to constantly search for faults in the data, take corrective actions, and notify the user of any serious problems. GenSAA's three integrated utilities facilitate this programming: the data manager, the rule builder, and the user interface display builder. The programmer uses the data manager to select the data to be monitored. The rule builder is used to define fault detection and isolation capabilities. It also is used to define any desired notification, response, or control actions desired for specific situations (e.g., an anomalous or critical situation). The programmer then lays out a graphical representation of the subsystem or process being monitored with the user interface display builder. All programming can be completed manually or by using simple "drag-and-drop" templates. GenSAA can be combined easily with any existing data monitoring system by creating a bridge program to retrieve and send the data to GenSAA's data server.

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