Neural Net Navigation Tool (MSC-22318)

Unlike other mobile vehicle navigation systems, this invention utilizes neural network technology to determine the position and angular orientation of the vehicle. Neural networks are, generally, software implementations of high-speed parallel processing circuits modeled after the way in which neurons are connected in the human brain. These circuits give the navigation system the ability to "learn" its environment. The mobile vehicle is first placed in a localized area where it collects position information on its surroundings using range sensors. The data associated with these locations is defined as "training" data. This process is repeated for several localized areas until the vehicle's entire operating range has been mapped. Once the navigation system has been trained, it can determine the vehicle's position and angular orientation anywhere within its operating environment by providing range sensor information to the three on-board neural networks. The system features automatic re-calibration and allows for some variation in its input data due to noise.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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