System and Method for Anywhere, Anytime Personal Radio

Dartmouth researchers developed a personalized Internet-based radio technology that offers unique features such as customization, location-specific content, and support for streaming and download-based models.

Users of the invented radio can at any time request news, weather forecasts, stock quotes, traffic reports or other information, and the most recent location-relevant and user-appropriate content will be played. This benefits the mobile user, whether it is a business traveler, a car commuter, or someone waiting for an appointment.

For example, a user wants to hear the traffic report to avoid any potential delays on the way home. Unlike existing radios, the invention checks the coordinates read by the GPS system attached to the radio and begins with the traffic reports closest to the user and in the direction in which he is heading. In case the report describes an accident, the corresponding road can be avoided.

As with the traffic reports, the news reports are personalized to the user’s taste. A user can pay a fee to avoid commercials, but personalized ads may be requested as well. Such personalized ads might help search, for example, dinner specials or car sales in a particular area.

Further, Dartmouth’s system allows the user to pause the story of interest during a stop and resume it a few minutes later, when the driver is back on the road. As with the other type of content, music selection can also be tailored to fit personal tastes. The radio has the capability to skip over a song, rate the song, or just listen. If a song is rated, the system will adjust how frequently that song is played, as it has learned more about personal preferences.

Dartmouth has filed patent application claiming this system and is seeking an industrial partner interested in its commercialization.

(Ref: J153)

Type of Offer: Licensing

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