Novel Method of Mass Selection

Dartmouth scholars have developed a new and simple method of mass selection for mass spectrometric samples. The procedure is applicable to a range of samples, including clusters, biomolecules, sensor systems and analytical samples, which can be created by any of an array of methods. It may be used in compact ion generation arrangements to facilitate field sampling. Another useful feature of the method is that it can identify a “parent” molecule and one or more fragments of the “parent” molecule simultaneously (e.g., it is not necessary to run two procedures to identify the two molecules). Applications include detection of chemical threat molecules and biomarkers that indicate the presence of diseases such as cancer. The mass selector may also be used in material science, where one or more ions may be selected by mass and deposited onto substrates for STM study and/or characterization of material properties.

This newly developed device provides a simple and effective method of mass selection. Having high resolution, large upper mass limit, multiple mass selection capability and low cost, it provides a very effective tool for mass selection of ions from various sources.

We have filed a patent application on the mass selector apparatus and methods, and are seeking an industrial partner to commercialize this technology. (Ref: J236)

Type of Offer: Licensing

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