Euctectoid Alloys and Methods for Production Thereof

New alloys that are lighter, stronger and/or less expensive to manufacture than conventional alloys may have significant commercial potential. For example, lighter alloys may be less expensive to transport and stronger alloys may have increased resistance to weather, chemicals and/or friction. Generally, new alloys may be used in any application currently utilizing a comparable known alloy, and equipment that incorporates such new alloys in component parts may have a longer service life, require less maintenance or achieve an improved performance level.

Dartmouth College holds a patent application relating to alloys that are both strong and ductile at room temperature. The tensile strengths and yield strengths of the Dartmouth alloys are greater than those of typical stainless steels, including austenitic, ferritic and mild steel, and the alloys show ductility comparable to high-strength ferritic and mild stainless steels. Further, the alloys are formed of inexpensive and readily available metals using a simple heat treatment process that produces a strong and ductile lamellar structure.

This technology is claimed in a pending patent application. We are seeking an industrial partner interested in its commercialization.

(Ref: J439)

Type of Offer: Licensing

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