Low Cost Motion Capture

A new, simple and low-cost way to capture and record the movement of biological articulated structures. An example of a biological articulated structure is the body; arms, legs, fingers, etc. But not only the human body, this method will work on animals just as well as people.

This technology not only captures movement, but is wearable and portable. It is not dependent on a base station.

It is also light and flexible enough that it can be unobtrusively fabricated into sportswear. In other words, you could put on a instrumented golfing pants and jacket, go out and play a round of golf, capturing your movements to a flash drive and then, at the 19th hole, dump a record of your game and review and analysis your game, stroke by stroke.

What makes this all the more exciting is that this can be done with a Cost Of Goods to build of between 10 and 20 dollars. Also, because of the approach taken additional complexity does not cost more. In other words, a digital glove or an instrumented sports jacket or a fully instrumented body capture suit including gloves would have nearly the same base component cost.

Inexpensive versions can have a positionally accuracy in the range of .27 inches and a positional poll frequency in the area of 10 to 20 milliseconds, more expensive versions have the potential for sub-millimeter accuracy and microsecond poll times.

Simple, inexpensive and proven technologies allow for a retail price of $200 or less for general purpose use.

Potential Markets:

Some markets for instrumented Jacket, pants or full body suits

Sports performance
Boxing and martial arts
Basically there's a potential application for every sport

Personal sport performance capture
Medical diagnostic
Medical Rehabilitation
Gait and Motion Research
Motion Capture for Motion Pictures
Motion Capture for Animation and computer graphics
Console gaming
Virtual reality
Dance and the movement arts


Horse racing gait analysis
Veterinary medicine
Gait analysis for dogs, elephants or any other animal
Swimming motion analysis for fish, whales or dolphins

Digital gloves
virtual keyboards, both computer or musical
virtual musical instruments
real time tutelage for music instruction, think Guitar Hero using real guitars and digital gloves
Virtual Reality

This technology permits the breakthrough into the mass consumer marketplace for sophisticated motion capture applications.

US 61,190,123

Type of Offer: Licensing

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