A Chewing Gum for Preventing Tooth Decay


Bacteria immobilized in biofilms coating teeth (dental plaque) cause dental diseases and disorders. Special additives in chewing gum cause active absorption of bacterial biofilm from teeth Significantly successful results in 130 humans: between 10x-100x improved reduction in cariogenic bacteria compared with placebo chewing gum Our Innovation

Special chewing gum formulations enhance adhesion of plaque (biofilm) bacteria to the gum.

Key Features

All ingredients are approved for food products, not pharmaceuticals – easier regulation of product Does not harm natural flora in mouth Formulations with satisfying balance between organoleptic acceptability and adhesion affinity Low cost ingredients, additives, and process familiar to industry Development Milestones

Seeking industry partners to commercialize products The Opportunity

Tooth decay affects over 95 per cent of all adults. 100,000 tons of chewing gum are consumed every year The chewing gum market is growing very rapidly. Sugarfree chewing gum, which constitutes 80% of this category, and wellbeing category (based upon functional items offering health and wellness benefits) are currently growing at 15% per annum.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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