Improved Robotic Tactile Sensing System

University of California researchers have developed a simple yet novel tactile sensing system for robotic and other manufacturing applications. The UC system differs from existing tactile positioning systems in that it obtains a complete localization of the targeted object in a single contact, eliminating the need for awkward repositioning of the sensors and multiple measurements. The tactile sensing tool ranges over a large planar surface, and can make measurements anywhere on the surface in different orientations. The UC system takes advantage of Euclidean group theory to optimize measuring arrangements, offering a new and practical application of such theoretical models.

The UC tactile sensing device has numerous possible applications for calibration and position referencing in robotics and manufacturing. In general, any process requiring precise relative localization (as in machine tool, robot, or material handling applications) could benefit from the facile and rapid measurements made possible with this technology.

Reference: 1996-250

US 5,740,328   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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