New (r)evolutionary instant-flush aquarium bio-filter technology.

Aquarium-Industry: filter evolution to boost Hobby revival.

A decade long persistent stagnation of the Aquarium Industry has repeatedly been blamed on video games, mobile phones and other electronic entertainment, but information derived from the 2008 American Pet Products Manufacturers Association’s National Pet Owners Survey shows that a staggering 89% of aquarium hobbyists are unhappy mainly because of present unsatisfactory maintenance related problems. The long anticipated application of the filter-flush function in aquarium filters could finally reverse this slippery trend.

Indeed the filter-backwash technique used with great success in Aquaculture systems since the mid-seventies has lately been “cracked” for the smaller aquarium filters by an ingenious Australian hobbyist/inventor. Backwashing those large Bead-filters was a necessity brought on by the high fish-farming livestock densities, but so far this flush function had eluded the smaller aquarium filters, despite many obvious maintenance benefits it would offer.

Change has now reached the US with the recent market appearance of the Aqua Genie HOB filter; the very first aquarium power bio-filter with easy instant filter-flush function, capable of removing most captured solid fish-waste from the filter in seconds, with little water wastage. No other aquarium filter has ever reached this evolutionary milestone before.

Evacuating the solid organic debris from an aquarium system eradicates the pollution at the source and drastically reduces the noxious nutrient levels in that system. The resulting restricted Nitrates and Phosphates prevent any unwanted proliferation of filamentous and/or other algae. Not only is cleaning the filter fast and easy, but all additional maintenance is noticeably lesser and water quality remarkably better!
Why would anybody still want to “digest” the fish-waste in those traditional bio-filters, when it is so much easier and better to simply “dispose” of it?

Common sense may now prevail; flush-filters can at last become the norm even in smaller aquariums and should give the Aquarium Industry a much needed “shot in the arm” as the instant-flush function can be included in all types of internal, external and in-hood aquarium filters.

With this in mind, AQUAGENIE Aust Pty Ltd is prepared to negotiate licence agreements for the patent pending technology with reputable progressive aquarium-supplies manufacturers to participate in the now possible long-lasting revival of the fish-keeping Hobby.

CN 2,007,800,094,238
US 125,210

Type of Offer: Licensing

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