Heat Ray-shielding Glass, and Heat Ray-shielding Multi-layered Glass

Disclosed is a heat ray-shielding glass product which has excellent heat ray-shielding properties, particularly excellent heat-shielding properties, can be produced at low cost, and can exhibit high durability in the presence of water (i.e., under high-humidity conditions). Specifically disclosed is a heat ray-shielding multi-layered glass (40) which is characterized in that a heat ray-shielding glass (30) comprising a glass plate (21) and a heat ray-reflecting layer (24) arranged on the surface of the glass plate (21) and comprising an electrically conductive polymer and another glass plate (37) are arranged apart from each other by a predetermined distance so that the heat ray-reflecting layer (24) faces the another glass plate (37), a space formed between the glass (30) and the another glass plate (37) forms a hollow layer (38), and the heat ray-reflecting layer (24); has a surface resistivity of 10000 O/? or less.

JP 2,010,060,711


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